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Environmental protection view

The whole human homeland needs our common maintenance
Environmental protection is the responsibility of the enterprise, but also the life of the enterprise! Environmental protection enterprises for energy saving and environmental protection escort is duty bound, bounden duty! Environmental protection is the prerequisite for the survival and development of enterprises, and the quality of environmental protection is no longer only affecting the image of the enterprise, but also affecting the survival and development of the enterprise. Only by protecting the environment can the enterprise embark on the road of sustainable development.
Since its establishment, Tonghai has always been adhering to the basic concept of sustainable development, in response to the call of the state and government, in order to improve the quality of human work and living environment, strengthen environmental management. Including increasing emission reduction efforts, promoting product research and development, pay close attention to actual effect, etc., service enterprises, for textile and other categories of enterprises to provide quality products and services for sustainable development.
Improve ecology and benefit mankind. Tonghai will always establish a modern management system, develop environmental protection high-tech products and its own responsibility, and make a positive contribution to the cause of human environmental protection.

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